October Run @ CPT

There will be blood
Cleveland Magazine
Ashley Sepanski - October 2010 edition

Cleveland Magazine interviewed us about the show, how we came up with the idea, and what we think Shakespeare would think of it. Read the entire article

Minnesota Fringe Festival Press & Reviews

Audience Reviews
“…witty, inventive, action-packed, pop-culture infused foray into the murder, mayhem and mischief of Shakespeare.” - Tim Perfect
“great fun, one of the most energetic fringe shows ever (even including dance shows)!” - Larry Meuwissen
“Thank you Joshua Brown and Kelly Elliot for huge laughs and great fun.” - Karen Thiel
“Very fun show barreling along at breakneck speed through the violent side of the Shakespeare canon…” - Shannon Kennedy
“…Highly recommended if you want to laugh and if you have a very quirky sense of humor… a must see!” - Marcie Berglund
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Fringe Festival 2010 hits and misses
City Pages
Quinton Skinner - August 11, 2010

Brown and Elliott perform the theatrical equivalent of eating the icing and throwing away the cupcake in a rapid-fire staging of scenes of murder, mayhem, and mutilation from the Shakespearean canon… Read the entire review

Everything from Chavez to Shakespeare at Fringe
Star Tribune
Brian Leehan - August 10, 2010

With the observation “Swords don't kill people -- Shakespeare kills people!” husband-wife combat-choreography team Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott tickle ribs with cold steel and interactive fun… Read the entire review

Fringe Festival review: “Kill Will”
Brian Henderson - August 9, 2010

Stage combat veterans Joshua Brown and Kelly Elliott know how to squeeze a laugh out of murder and other assorted violence. “Kill Will” surveys the most beloved and most absurd death scenes in the Shakespeare catalog but gives them an action movie kick… Verdict: MUST SEE!!!!!!!! (Ed. note - exclamation points added by Josh & Kelly) Read the entire review

Welcome back, Minnesota Fringe Festival
Ed Huyck - August 6, 2010

Last night on the Ritz stage, Joshua Brown and Kelly Elliott sat facing away from the audience, video-game controllers in hand, and “played” a few rounds of “Macbeth”-inspired “Mortal Kombat” for their show “Kill Will.”

Ah, Fringe… Read the entire review

2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival: First quick look at the slate of shows
City Pages
Quinton Skinner - June 4, 2010

Quinton Skinner picks “Kill Will” as an early favorite when the Fringe show descriptions are first released! Read the entire article

Big [Box] 2010 Press

FIGHT CLUB - CPT opens its Big [Box] with gratuitous violence
Cleveland Scene
Michael Gill - January 13, 2010

Like so many directors, husband-and-wife fight choreo-graphers Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott wanted to put their stamp on Shakespeare. So they started with a dictionary of the Bard's characters, which notes whether each character dies, and if so, how. That's the part that interested them… Read the entire article

“Kill Will” Hopes to Slay 'Em at Big [Box]
Spangle Magazine
Brian Patrick Thornton - January 11, 2010

Macbeth: beheading. Desdemona: smothering. Romeo: poisoning. Juliet: stabbing. Hamlet: poisoning… and stabbing.

Shakespeare was nothing if not creative with his methods of killing.

Good ol’ Willie S. called them tragedies, but local actors (and real-life couple) Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott are determined to find the laughs in his many, many, many deaths with their newly created show, Kill Will, which launches Cleveland Public Theatre’s annual Big[Box] series this Friday… Read the entire article